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Trying to organise important stuff like travel when you’re really tired/unmotivated is the hardest thing.

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It’s an exciting day when your journey out is to… wait for it…. A BIG ASS SUPERMARKET. I’ve been here over a month and I haven’t been to the Sainsbury’s superstore in Chiswick yet.

Gonna get me some coconut oil yeyeeeerrrrr

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when guys think they know the plot of a video game better than i do

no bitch i played it like ten times shut the fuck up

Also remember, you have to be either a god or a fake. Don’t ever make a mistake. Or forget a fact. PAUSE TOO LONG AND YOU’RE TOAST.

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Kuga Reviews... Suikoden


Kuga Reviews… Suikoden

Welcome to Gregminster, Imperial Capital of the Scarlet Moon Empire, and the home to Emperor Barbarosa and his five great generals. Tir McDohl, son to General Teo McDohl is called up for service in the Imperial Service, and accompanied by his guardians Gremio,…

Hiiii so the fact that Suikoden Day was organised by the Suikoden Revival Movement is completely incorrect. Suikoden Day predates the SRM and is run by an entirely separate team (three people to be exact). It is a constant battle trying to get people to stop crediting SRM for the work and love put into Suikoden Day by its organisers. It’s an easy mistake to make, but happens so often that it has a kind of domino effect. It would be hugely appreciated if this review could be edited (both on tumblr and on the fandompost website) in order to stop spreading false information.

Great review though, Suikoden is a fantastic game :)

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I want to watch a show that is multiple seasons long, makes me laugh, cry, and fall in love with the characters. Sadly my Outrageous Fortune DVDs are home in New Zealand :(

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This gives me life

How music changed from 2000-2013.